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Share your wisdom with all! Supply us with How To Guides for making maille, masks, leather kit, cloaks, anything else!

If you have images which would help (patterns etc) please email them to Jen who will put them online and link to them in your guide. Also remember to include where people can get the equipment and materials.

LarpArchery (including safety notes)

Safety Guides

How To Guides

Making your own I.C. Booze

Mildew, prevention and treatment: this page says that temperatures above 115°F kill most species of mildew. That's 46°C, which is safely below the temperature that will damage leather, especially if it's wet and chrome-tanned: see BoilingLeather.

Link to a guide on making LARP weapons on the Cuckoo's Nest main site: Skian Mhor Weapon Making Guide

Suppliers of materials

Suppliers of both materials and ready-made items

Ready-made things only

Weapons & Armour (and maybe costume etc.)

Costume & Props (no weapons/armour)

Ebay Only Sellers

Camping Equipment
(It's LARP related, honest :) )
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